Friday, October 3, 2008

A Poetic Existence

I try to live what I consider a “poetic existence.” That means I take responsibility for the air I breathe and the space I take up. I try to be immediate, to be totally present for all my work.

Maya Angelou (2001), American Poet

One small action leads to a series of events. One small action determines a future outcome. Like a butterfly fluttering below angry clouds, changing the barometric pressure, tipping the forces of nature to produce a tornado. This is called the butterfly effect. It happens everywhere in the universe and it explains a lot.
Every action, by every human, alters the world. Every thought produces some outcome. Every emotion leads to a different path. Each choice every single human makes affects your future, and the futures of so many others. The image of a flying butterfly altering the earth’s climate explains the power of only a single factor, but every moment in every day is full of factors each with power to move life in a certain direction. The butterfly effect explains a lot, but still too little. The infinite butterfly effects occurring throughout the universe is Chaos. We live in a chaotic universe. We shape it with each choice.

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