Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Babies Sculpting Our World

...a character...She has an air of authority & reflectiveness astonishing in an infant...

Winston Churchill (1928),
referring to then two-year old Elizabeth Alexandra Mary,
years before there was any expectation of her ascending the throne.

Do serious babies become serious adults? Sometimes.

Queen Elizabeth must have been serious enough, as a small child, to impress Churchill and she isn't particularly smiley today. Why was she so serious? Did she have a cold fish nanny? Was her mother too busy to read another round of her Memory Chimes Book? Some would argue it really doesn't matter that she has laughed only five times in her entire life, because she holds a serious post, after all. But unfortunately for the British monarchy, she isn't
as authoritarian as she may have been destined to be. During Elizabeth II's long reign, the monarchy has lost credibility and import internationally and in the U.K. It could be her serious demeanor is rather a sign of lack of flexibility and a rather low E.Q.

Babies show their potential in their eyes; those little pools of light, so full of promise. When a baby holds one's gaze and seems to have no questions, one is left to wonder at her place within humanity. Every baby, though randomly chosen to enter the world, has a unique place in it. Serious babies, smiley babies and colicky ones begin changing the world the second they arrive. The world will never be the same again. Each baby does this. Two-hundred and fifty-five babies are born into the world every minute. Each minute the course of the world shifts ever-so slightly, 255 times. And every little thought each tiny life has will fight for existence. No wonder we all feel a little dizzy at times.

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