Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting Jobs For 2020

The world is a changin' and everyone realizes children may not grow up to have the same careers their parents have today. Technological and social changes create new forms of work. So, what types of jobs are on the horizon for your children?
[This list is borrowed from a posting on Business Briefs: Jobs for 2020]

1. Realizer—Creates real versions of virtual objects for people, from grog tankards to sports cars.
2. E-scrubber—Works to undo or minimize the indiscretions that people accumulate on the Web.
3. Unrealtor—Creates virtual tourism, adventure, and retail destinations.
4. Nano-decontaminator—Cleans up nanomaterials now being spread through the environment.
5. Deceptionist—Provides tech-enabled deception services for those wishing to disguise their activities.
6. Genetic dietician—Creates diets tailored to people’s individual genetic makeup.
7. Geoscaper—Makes corporate and private properties look attractive in Google Earth-style aerial views.
8. Unplugger—Counselor/ mental health professional who helps wean people from excessive technology use.
9. Eye pilot—Operates small, remotely piloted, camera-equipped aerial vehicles over war zones, disasters, and other locations of interest on behalf of news services, nongovernmental organizations, and private companies.
10. Sexbot controller—Many things can be done remotely. Not for the squeamish.

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  1. hi joana, it is such a treat to read your blog! i have been away from it for a while b/c of river, but now i'm back and so glad that you are writing! this is unrelated but i have a confession to make - i've been looking for "the book thief" which you lent me a while ago to read, and can't find it anywhere. could someone have stolen "the book thief"? anyways i will keep looking and if i can't find it i will replace it... just thought it was ironic. oh, and i love the kids' entries, it's awsome! irene