Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Technology Is A Lot Like Money

10 Ways Technology and Money Are Similar

  1. Too little technology know-how and we starve.

  2. The more technology used the more management is required.

  3. It cannot make us happy, but it opens up our world and gives us so many more options and ways to become happy.

  4. We use it to trade goods, ideas and information.

  5. It can increase our efficiency, efficacy and potential, or spoil us for real work depending on how it is used.

  6. It can bring us together or isolate us depending on how it is used.

  7. It separates the new from the historic.

  8. It promotes democracy by leveling the playing field.

  9. It is a tool for achievement.

  10. It is a sign of growing societal complexity.

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