Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sullenberger's 10,000 Hours

The pilot Chesley Sullenberger was "the right guy at the right time at the right moment" to guide a powerless jet safely onto the surface of the Hudson River only 40 hrs. ago. Calm and mindful as pilot and leader his behavior was "flawless." All people aboard his airplane are alive today because Sullenberger put in 10,000 hours into becoming an exceptional pilot. Sullenberger is a classic "Outlier" as described by writer Malcolm Gladwell in his new book Outliers. Sullenberger has even put in time studying the psychology of how people behave in crises'. He knew exactly what to do, he saw the big picture and mapped out a plan of action in a minute. He took care of everything and everyone. His calm direction allowed his crew to perform impeccably. He overlearned what to do in an emergency and had no problem executing. His feat saved the lives of more than one hundred humans and gave America a new kind of hero, a hard-working one. Cheers to Sullenberger for putting in the time.

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