Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Girlish Glee in London

And the school children, those alleged dysfunctional products of our greed-obsessed, low-serotonin, broken-homed, intolerably lardy, TV-ruined society, were in a snowy wonderland where there was no school, no rules and nothing to worry about. I've never seen London secondary school kids look filled to the brim with such girlish glee.
-Stuart Jeffries (2009), British Journalist

My skin still glows from the mild humidity of Hawaii's version of winter. Post vacation and back home now, I am somewhat grateful to live in a mild climate. Somewhat, I write, because I am an adult with things to do and responsibilities to execute, but still hold memories of pre-dawn February mornings on Long Island, huddled with siblings, kneeling by the stereo, hoping, waiting, almost like a second Christmas, for a general announcement of cancelled schools. Cancelled schools meant closed roads. By 10:00 a.m. neighborhoods across the island rang to the brim with childish glee.

So today, I happily imagine the children of London, who don't often experience Snow Days, and today complain to no one of their numb butts and faces, wet clothes and stiff knees. Cheers to snowy London!

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