Thursday, February 19, 2009

Musical Scientists

Alexander Graham Bell took breaks from inventing the first telephone by playing piano. Einstein played the violin to let his mind work subconsciously when stumped. Neil Armstrong played the baritone horn in between space simulator sessions. All three played in private, but times have changed. Scientists today want to rock in public. A band of scientists, Rock-It-Science, plans to play in NYC on March 3rd.
Cool? Sure.
The real question is whether this change in instrument choices will change parents' instrument recommendations for their children. Will parents still push their kids to play that violin for an extra 15 mins.? In the 1990's Don Campbell popularized The Mozart Effect, he even wrote a book by that title, convincing millions of parents that early music education (classical music) would improve children's mental prowess. Will 2009 parents of small children soon hear of
The "All American Rejects Effect"?
Scientists beware of the trends you start!

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