Friday, March 6, 2009

More Knowledge Please

There is probably no limit to what science can do in the way of increasing positive excellence.
So far, it has been physical science that has had the most effect upon our lives, but in the future physiology and psychology are likely to be far more potent.
-Bertrand Russell (1960), British Philosopher

The most difficult human endeavor is self-control.
As a conscious being, you are aware of your body, but the organ in which consciousness occurs, the brain, is not aware of itself. That is why neuroscientists study the brain at work, psychologists experiment to understand behavior and analysts dissect motives. We so want to understand ourselves because deep down we know, with understanding comes freedom and with freedom, the possibilities are infinite.

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  1. "Deep ecologists claim that before knowing what we ought to do, we must understand who we really are."
    -Michael Zimmerman